Client Politecnico di Milano
Role Graphic & Service designer
Duration 1 month

During 2015 Milan hosted the EXPO. For this period of time a huge number of tourists and visitor was expected. A great number of initiatives and ideas started to spread around, trying to prepare the city to welcome and host people from different nationalities. Milan has the oldest and largest Chinese community of Italy, located in one of the central areas of the city. A great number of small businesses across the municipality are owned by Chinese entrepreneurs.

The aim of the project is to guide tourists and citizens in the discovery of the local Chinese shops and community, connecting the two cultures that inhabits the same city. Hé is a proposal for a series of pop up design exhibitions hosted in unexpected spaces in Milan.
The service is based on the idea of mutual exchange, junior designer will help local Chinese business to emerge, receiving back space to exhibit and showcase their talent.


To understand the viewpoint and needs of the actors involved, a series of co-design sessions was organised with designers and Chinese local businessman


The service works as a facilitator between "space providers" and "exhibitors", managing the connection and the organisation of the system of events and promotions


Project realised in collaboration with Lizzie Abernethy, Rong Yu, Meixiu Pan and Shuangshuang lin
Politecnico di Milano, 2013