Più vicini

Client Politecnico di Milano & Milan Municipality
Role Research, Communication & Service design
Duration 10 months


Più Vicini (literally "Closer") is the name of the social campaign I have co-designed for the municipality of Milan. The aim of the campaign, composed by cross-media communication and a system of services, is to improve the relationships among the citizens of the city.

Nowadays big cities are becoming hubs where different cultures, people and individuals live together, often without many opportunities to connect and interact. To address the problem I developed four guides for the "good neighbour", encouraging booklet with the aim of promoting solidarity between neighbours. Each guide propose a different project to be realised in the compound such as shared vegetable gardens, solidarity based purchasing groups or systems to exchange tools and competencies.

For my final thesis project I prepared the two books presented below where the creation of the social campaign is explain in all its detail. The first volume includes field analysis and research outputs such as the insights collected from interviews and field observations. The second volume unfold the ideation process and the output.

The coptic binding of all the volumes is handmade.


Contemporary society is an immense workshop where we need to develope new sustainable solutions for our cities and their inhabitants. We need new practicable ways of doing, ideas of well being, forms of everyday life.


Project realised in collaboration with Martina Cocco and Giacomo Betti
Politecnico di Milano, 2012