Vedi Verde

Client Politecnico di Milano & Giardini Extravaganti
Role Communication & Service design

Duration 1 month

Politecnico university of Milan is located in a periferic area of the city were public spaces suffers the lack of manutention and green. The neighbourhood is a melting pot were students, immigrants, workers and locals cohabit. Social connections are weak and public spaces were citizens can meet and interact are degrading. Our mission was to raise awareness and suggest behaviours and tools to be a part of the change. 

The project created was a guerrilla gardening event composed by a day workshop were citizens collaborated in the creation of green installation for their neighbourhood, to make their urban spaces greener and more enjoyable.

The system created included a map of the hot spots in which the citizens could intervene, indicated by street tags, DIY tutorial resources and certificates of adoption of public green.


Through recycled materials we designed green modular systems to be placed in the streets of the neighbourhood. Hanging pots, aromatic plants and flowers for the community.


After the workshop, we asked the participants to "donate" to the neighbourhood the results of the day and leave it in one of the hotspots we indicated in the map.


Project realised in collaboration with Benedetta Bacialli, Maddalena Bellè, Mattia Favalli, Marida Maiorino, Giovanni Piemontese
Politecnico di Milano, 2013